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Slurps from the Soup Web

This is where you can listen to us suck wet spaghettis one by one, revealing our dark inner thoughts as we traverse the synapses of this horrible zone. We hope you like it!

Off You Go, Martin!

“Martin! Martin! Urgent! Get over here!” Gordon screamed into the telephone. “Get over here now!” He slammed the telephone on to the receiver. Gordon shook his arms violently. “This is big! This is big!” The man facing him on the other side of the desk was smiling from ear to ear. “I’m glad that you’re … Continue reading “Off You Go, Martin!”


NEW BEAUTIFUL PROJECT STEP ONE: THE BEGINNING OF NEW BEAUTIFUL PROJECT WHAT IS NEW BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: a project designed to uncover the new beauty a project for fun and beauty let’s recapture the MAGIC and love ourselves HOW IS NEW BEAUTIFUL PROJECT: I am going to write it I am going to believe in myself, … Continue reading “NEW BEAUTIFUL PROJECT”

How to Make Friends

dear balckwell, my name is jeremy from the state of massachusetts. i’ve been living here in massachusetts for seven and a half years. i just turned twenty two years old, and yet, i don’t know anyone anywhere. i used to know some people but then i forgot about them, and i can’t find their names … Continue reading “How to Make Friends”


“I have never seen these people before, and I know not who they are.” “They are the people you once were, in a past world. They live in your apartment building with you, but they keep from your sight like rats in a cave, appearing before you only on days such as today, when you … Continue reading “Strangers”

My Moustache

One of the great features of my life is that I have structured it such that I can grow a moustache with impunity. No one dares defy my right to grow a moustache, and I have been met with great support from all sides since the day of its coronation. That being said, I did … Continue reading “My Moustache”

Hokey-Bokey: An Introduction

放棄ボーキーHokey-Bokey: Throwing it All Away Throw away your memories, and all that lies in your past!Throw away your dreams, and all that lies in your future!Throw away your worries, and all that contaminates your present!Make ice! It’s all nice on ice, alright! The time has come to Deny the Earth, and thus, it is time … Continue reading “Hokey-Bokey: An Introduction”


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