The Soup Web is Now Real, and on Youtube

I read the classic, beautiful prose work of Xeng Diaoping, Agamemnon vs Gibbongod LIVE in front of a (dutifully silent) studio audience this week. It’s now on Youtube! I put it there. I might do this kind of video again, and there’s the possibility that I will do other kinds of videos as well. Subscribe to the channel! It will be a gorgeous experience.

Ezzy drew the art! He’s just that kind of guy. The Spaghetti Soup Collective continues to collaborate and corroborate. These times are only beginning, my friends.

Agamemnon vs Gibbongod


The grand warrior Agamemnon stands atop an ancient ruin. Sand swirls in the wind around him. In his right hand, he carries a broadsword; in his left, a broad shield. Out into the dunes, he screams, “Gibbongod! My arch-nemesis, where are you!?” His voice carries across the desert. No one else is around, until, someone else is around.

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