The Soup Web is Now Real, and on Youtube

I read the classic, beautiful prose work of Xeng Diaoping, Agamemnon vs Gibbongod LIVE in front of a (dutifully silent) studio audience this week. It’s now on Youtube! I put it there. I might do this kind of video again, and there’s the possibility that I will do other kinds of videos as well. Subscribe to the channel! It will be a gorgeous experience.

Ezzy drew the art! He’s just that kind of guy. The Spaghetti Soup Collective continues to collaborate and corroborate. These times are only beginning, my friends.

Attention Citizens! (Netizens)

Due to the recent closure of the world we would like to intervene with the oft held traditions seen over the Bunny Day long weekend. There will be no more “hide the egg,” “hard boiled egg bonanza,” or even your local “egg grill.” This year Bunny Day shall be known as “Funny Day.” All citizens (netizens) must provide us with one “funny” to be electronically submitted to your local government website that you frequent which will then be presented to the city council. We look forward to the Funny Day celebrations. That is all.

I stared at this post by my local government on my local government’s website that I check daily to make sure that I am connected to my community and was in terror. I had to produce a funny. I had never produced a funny before and could not even begin to think of where to start. What kind of funny could even compete with such philosophical gems as “Garlic Something,” or “A Letter From A Friend?” But, I had to do what I could or I would be shot from a cannon into the sun, a common punishment for refusal to comply to my local government’s orders.

So I began to ponder. A funny with enough effort in it to avoid cannon-death. For someone like me, this was no trivial task. I would have to take on the world to grasp at what it meant to produce a funny and I had to do it by the weeks end. I decided to do research and went straight to my local government’s website for the second time that day. I sorted through the posts, reading of omelettes and battles between gods. Of poetry and inner conflict, prose and confusion. It seems that a funny can really be anything. It can be created from intentional misuse of words or phrases in strange orders. It can be real and from the heart or truly a goof of seemingly nothing at all. We are all part of the “funny.”

I seemed to have had a revelation. A grasping at funny lead me down a strange path, skewing my perception and changing what I really thought of as funny to begin with. Everything is funny. It’s all hilarious. We are all in this web together, covered in soup, slurping endless noodles, filling ourselves with all of it at once. You need to see the funny to handle that. Otherwise there is nothing stopping that endless noodle from filling you so full that you explode. Without the funny we are lost.

I have solved it. Here is my funny. Local government, I hope you enjoy:

Mass Potatoes