Welcome to Soup Web dot Zone. It is the home of the writings of the Four Scholars sometimes affectionately or disaffectionately known as the Spaghetti Soup Boys.

What is Spaghetti Soup?

Spaghetti Soup is any soup that contains spaghetti. For example, there is Japanese Spaghetti Soup, Vietnamese Spaghetti Soup, British Spaghetti Soup, etc. Many different countries have developed their own unique forms of Spaghetti Soup, however the effect in all is the same: spaghetti or spaghetti-like structures have been immersed in a flavourful bowl of salted water, accompanied by other side-materials and served, either for free or with a charge, to a hungry, hungry boy looking to slurp.

What is a Soup Web?

A soup web is a distinct phenomenon that occurs when various spaghetti strands of a single soup (or more rarely, across multiple soups) become entangled in such a manner that they take the form of a single web of spaghetti. Think of a rigid body rat king, except there are no rat bodies, only spaghetti. A rigid spaghetti web. The occurrence of a soup web is not necessarily negative, in the same way that one might say that death is not necessarily negative, or that the loss of a favourite article of clothing is not necessarily negative. That is to say, you might not find much enjoyment in the witnessing of a soup web, but it’s not inconceivable that the experience will benefit you in the longer term.

What is the Soup Web Zone?

The Soup Web Zone is the zone which we currently inhabit. Perhaps we did not cook our frozen ramen thoroughly enough. Perhaps, we have let it sit too long in the bowl. Perhaps, we have simply torn an instant ramen chunk out of its packaging and are eating it raw, spilling crumbs across the floor outside our pantry. There are many ways to enter the soup web zone, but once you are here, only one thing is certain: we’re all stuck in the web together.

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