The Day After Tomorrow

The following is a piece of writing that I wrote almost four years ago. Thus, it may as well have been written by a different person, in a different life. Let’s agree to call it ‘fiction.’

for you, on the day after tomorrow

It was one year ago that I received the most beautiful love letter ever written in the English language. I cherished it, and inevitably, I lost it. I remember but one of the words. That word is perhaps the most important word I have ever heard in my life. Continue reading “The Day After Tomorrow”

The Soup Web is NOT Dead

Look, I have been hearing some wild rumours floating around recently. Our many loyal followers, taken aback by the desert that is the current state of Soup Web dot Zone, have started concocting wild tales and spreading them across the world. Can you blame them? Yes.

Look, guys. I don’t start assuming you are dead every time I don’t see you for sixteen days. I would wait for a phone call. Has anyone called you lately? Has anyone called, saying that we are dead? If so, check your phone. Open it up. It’s been tapped. Watch out, buddy.

The Soup Web is not dead. Sure, one of the members of the Spaghetti Soup Collective is in a coma. One of us is caught in a bear trap. Another has dreamt himself onto another planet. This is normal! This is how things go around here.

The Soup Web is like a cicada. It can lay dormant for years, decades. And like a cicada, when it emerges, it is annoying, and then beautiful, and then maybe annoying again, but then finally beautiful and nostalgic. Give us time! It’s only been a few months.

The Legends of Love and Luck is coming back. Hoober says so. If he has lied, God Help Us All.

Ezzy is learning how to shred his guitar.

Matt is developing water filtration technology.

And finally, I am working on a book. That’s hard work, you know.

Sambo Master once said, “Rock and Roll is NOT Dead.” They might have been wrong. All I can say is that there’s still rock and roll in my bones, god dang it.

So I will say now:

The Soup Web is NOT Dead!